रविवार, 6 जून 2010

Women Empowerment Jalswarajya

Women ‘JALMITRA’ doggedly spanning awareness on O&M
Article by- Prabhakar Mishra, IEC Specialist, Jalswarajya Nagpur. 

     Millions of women in rural India are ready for takeoff to conquer new horizon, just needed proper support and encouragement, proved by Jalswarajya project’s ‘Jalmitra’ initiative. Women, who have been never set foot outside their homes, are now guiding leaders of other villages about how to operate and maintain a water supply scheme efficiently. Archana Shende of Pusda(Tangla) village, Even though she is educated up to higher secondary, but seems to be an engineer as she guide on technical aspect of water supply scheme. Same glory of Aasha Dhenge, Women empowerment committee president of Adam village, she is excellent like a doctor with her subject ‘water quality and health’. 

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